The Food We Eat

Things to consider when choosing foods:

  • Select USDA certified organic foods.  These will be free of GMO's and will have been grown safely without harmful pesticides
  • Pay attention to where the food is coming from.  Make sure that the USDA certified organic product was grown or produced in the US.  There are many products that are on the shelves that have come from places like China where there is no quality regulation.  The USDA assigns a private certified inspector in China to check the products being imported prior to distribution, which is a loop hole for cheap poor quality product being labeled "organic" and landing on our America grocery store shelves.  
  • Local, organically grown foods should always be your first pick.  It helps your local economy and you are getting the food straight from the source instead of from across the country.  
  • Ingredients to aviod: 15 scariest food additives

Links that influence our food choices and lifestyle:

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