Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Crunchy" Revolution

Here we first post!

Blogging is something that has appealed to me for quite some time, but I simply couldn't come up with an idea to blog about.  It was something on my mind regularly.  You would think I have enough inspiration within my home.  I have three growing boys under 4.  My husband is wrapping up his Ph.D. in nuclear physics.  I stay at home with the kiddos, and spend WAY to much time on the internet "pinning", shopping, reading blogs and using Facebook.   Finally last week, it came to me.  In the past year, our family has been slowly evolving towards a more natural, eco-friendly lifestyle, sometimes referred as a "crunchy" lifestyle.    It is something that is certainly a work in progress.  I love calling it "crunchy".  The term "crunchy" recently came to me while reading a blog post on The Leaky Boob .  She describes herself towards the middle of the post as a certain level of "crunchy", which is exactly what we are.  We aren't full blown "granola crunchers".  We are our own variation of one.

Pinterest has played a major role in our "crunchy" revolution.  I have learned about making my own household cleaning products, including laundry detergent, window cleaner, soap scum remover, etc..  I have discovered various inexpensive products that I can use in my daily hygiene routine that are simply found in the grocery store aisles.  My most recent favorite is coconut oil!  In the past year, I also began cloth diapering our 2 year old.  It hasn't been easy, but it is worth it, and the diapers are so cute!  Pinterest has helped me through the challenges with tips and tricks on maintaining the diapers.  Needless to say...THANK YOU PINTEREST!

The food we eat in our home has been changing along the way as well.  The quality of meats and vegetables in the local grocery stores and big box stores is not good.  At the same time, we can not afford to go 100% organic on a graduate student stipend with a family of 5.  So, we have made some alterations to the things we buy, and how we prepare our foods along with a few important organic items.  A perfect example, we buy organic root vegetables.  Root vegetables tend to suck up more pesticides and toxins than other fruits and veggies.  

So, this is just the beginning or our "crunchy" revolution.  I look forward to discussing in more depth about the changes we are making in our home as well as sharing with you stories about my day to day adventures as a stay at home momma to 3 boys.  Here we go!

Momma B

The Leaky Boob:
Breastfeeding = Breastfeeding

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