About Momma B

My name is Dana and I am a crunchy, crafty, pinterest crazed stay at home momma to three rambunctious boys and married to my high school sweetheart!  We take life one day at a time as my brilliant hubby finishes up his Ph.D.  We have been on this journey for a LONG TIME, and are ready for what is to come!

Brian, my husband, is the love of my life.  We chose to start a family even though he is a graduate student.  As parents in the graduate student setting, we are the minority.  There are almost no physics graduate students with children for reasons such as minimal stipend, time consuming, wanting to be a "grown up" and not a student anymore before kids.  We threw those cares to the wind and started a family.  We have made it work and we have three beautiful babes so far!  

While Brian is hard at work, our kiddos are the center of my universe and keep me very, very busy!  My laundry is usually knee deep and our little house which is bursting at the seems is almost always a mess, and that's ok!

We have recently made the decision as a family to begin eating organic and pay close attention to the food we are eating.  We feel that it is the best decision for our children to help them grow healthy and strong and to protect them from chemically and hormonally laced foods that are so prevalent today.

Our parenting style has shifted more to the attachment parenting style.  Gavin, our youngest, safely bedshares with Brian and I.  Nolan, sleeps in our room part of the time as well! Gavin is also exclusively breastfed, and I try to wear him when he is having a rough day and always do on our trips to the store.  We are working on more gentle discipline.  It's grueling, but I can see it working with Nolan. Landen is luckily getting to the age where you can completely communicate with him and get your point across without much frustration, except for when he is choosing not to listen to you.

Anywho, thank you for reading my blog.  I enjoy writing so much and it is a fun way for me to share with the rest of world my crunchy, stay at home mom journey.  Please forgive any of my grammatical errors for I am typically frantically typing in my brief, quiet moments of the day.  Feel free to comment, subscribe and follow.  I hope you enjoy!

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