Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goals of 2013

So, we are getting a late start on our goals of the year, but hey....I have three kids under the age of four.  Making the list in itself is a completed goal.  

Last year was the first time in my life that I ever made a new years resolution.  It was simple.  Visit my 91 year-old grandmother once a month.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, living an hour and 15 minutes away was the first challenge, along with the cost of gas increasing ALL THE TIME.  Let me remind the time, we were a family of 4 on a graduate student stipend.  UGH!  Now we are 5!  YIKES!  Anyway, I was successful in visiting her monthly until early September.  After that, I was expecting our 3rd baby at the end of  October, and I remained close to home until he was born.  She only had to come to me one time, then we saw each other over the holidays.  So, in the end, I did manage to see my grandma at least once a month the entire year, whether I went to her or she came to me.  I think my first time at a resolution was a success.  So this year, I am broadening the idea of resolutions to family goals for the year.  For my husband and I, there will be different categories, and for the kids, theirs will be selected for them, and very simple and realistic.  The kiddo's goals will also involve, for some, more effort on my end than theirs, but it is still their goal.  

So here it is folks.  Our family goals..  I have this hanging in the kitchen as a constant reminder of what we would like to achieve individually and as a family in the year of 2013.  

Brian’s Goals
Professional: Start & Complete Thesis
Find a Post Doc/Job
Personal: Get back in shape

Dana’s Goals
Professional: Start and Maintain a blog
Personal: Zumba -3 times a week
Take Yoga Classes
Parenting: Exclusive cloth diapering
Exclusive homemade baby food
Work on cooking
Gentle Discipline

Landen’s Goals
Start Preschool
Learn to write name with out help

Nolan’s Goals
Be potty trained by Christmas
Work on alphabet & numbers

Gavin’s Goals
Breastfeed for a year

What are your goals or resolutions of the year?

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